Welcome to Upasaki Prof. V M Parvathamma Memorial  Ten Week Free Virtual Space Eco Literacy and Sky Watch  Orientation Program 2000 an Outcome of COVID 19 Lockdown since April 2020


One hour a week volunteer work can empower action for Climate Change and Diasaster Resilient Life Style.


To focus on the mandatory objective of Environmental Education is to provide Awareness, Attitude, Knowledge and skill by participation to individuals and Community: UNESCO/UNEP/IEEP, 1977 Tbilisi Conference.


5th to 9th Standard Students with a handhold in a parent, teacher or a guardian


One Background note with reference on the week topic by an email.
One hour a creative feedback by a poem, slogan, picture, drawing, poster, speech, or a note.


No cost :  Parents, Teachers, Guardians, Home, Road, Community and digital divide free technology.

How good is your space eco quest?

(Spiriritual-Scocial-Cultural-Ethical-Environmental-Ecological-Climate change and pandamics....)
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Clean up the world Certificate for PSF

Gallery - Ecoliteracy Campaign for Community 2000 onwards

The Future of Mankind in space is determined by social cultural imperatives rather than Science and Technology Alone

Prof. Satish Dhawan, Former Chairman ISRO and Director, IISc, India

Dr. H Narasihmhaiah
Prof. Sathish Dhawan
Architect of Indian Space Program
Prof UR Rao
Self Reliance of Space in India Performer
Dr. A S Kiran Kumar
Indigenious Empowerment of Space Technology in india

English Translation made on the occasion of 6th International Conference on Planetary defence Conference organised by International Academy of Astronautics at Maryland University, Washington DC USA during April 26- May 03, 2019. A paper" Role of Space Technology in Disaster Management" was presented in person by Prof V Jagannatha, Former Scientist/Engineer ISRO and three times President honoured Retired Deputy Commander Home Guards V Purushotham, Mysuru in the Conference. His Holiness also provided a stay of both authors in the JSS Spiritual Centre, Gaithersburg, Washington DC USA. Buddhist Monastery at Maryland Washington DC also supported the authors.

Most respected Dr A S Kiran Kumar and His Holiness Dr Shivaratri Desikendra Swamiji consented to get the Kannada version of 7th JSS Vidya Peta Presentation to the present English format. It is proposed to post the most important globally important popular science space ecoliteracy to French, German, Spanish, Japanese, Hindi, Indian Languages including Urdu and Sanskrit. This will be shared freely at PSF Home page for Students and Citizens. This will also be proposed for reference to ISRO and ESA, NASA and Global Space Organisations such as UNIDIR and Secure World Foundation, IIED UK and Climate Change and WHO.

This is also a tribute to Prof Satish Dhawan and Prof U R Rao all-time great space scientists listed in the PSF home page and Dr H N the founder of KRVP. PSF is a unit of KRVP. Dr A S Kiran Kumar is a proud student of Dr H N.

English Translation was made possible by

The People Science Forum,
A Unit of KRVP Mysuru.
Coordinated by Prof V.Jagannatha
Life Member, KRVP and Formerly Scientist/Engineer ISRO



Resource Person
National Translation Mission
Central Institute of Indian Languages
Ministry of Education, Government of India
Manasagangotri, Mysuru – 570 006

Space Technology and Societal Applications

Space Technology and Societal Applications by Dr. A.S. Kiran Kumar

Click here to read the book


World Health Organisation with Online Status, Personal Protection, Education and Training

https://www.who.int/emergencies/diseases/novel [1] coronavirus-2019

How soap kills the coronavirus : Science



Prevention by simple behavioural changes

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1APwq1df6Mw#action=s hare

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Earth day Week April 20 
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